A Painting a Day & Other Events


This is a week late, but better late than never.


I have had a mad few weeks and days of creativity, and in particular the last week has been challenging as I attempted to do a painting a day. It was meant to try to free up my style and to also try and cope with not feeling all that great.


I’ve had a blinding headache for several days now, but through creating the paintings in such a speedy way, I have been able to channel all of this into the work, which has enabled me to come up with some breakthroughs in the way in which I both work, and produce the images.


The paintings are a love song to Philip Guston and his approach to painting and I see also a lot of the old Fleischer cartoons of the 1930’s and 40’d creeping into the work. I wanted to push the images as far as I could, and took the advice of an old lecturer, from art college in the early 1990’s, who once said to me ‘make a caricature of your work’ as a way of getting out of creative difficulties, and you know what, it works. It really does.


It forces one to really question what you want out of your work, and push that to it’s limit, with the results being amazing. (Well sometimes)


I have found this one a day exhilarating, and exhausting, in turns, but I am pleased to say that as an experiment it works.


The work that has been produced in the past week has really pushed me, and has enabled me to make some breakthroughs, in that I have been able to let myself go and not worry so much about the polished effect that I had previously pursued. These paintings are visceral and ‘rough’, with expressive marks and a new confidence to make quick decisions and to go with my ‘gut’ instincts, on how to make the art.


On occasions it’s been like jumping out of a plain with no parachute on, as it has forced me to think very quickly, which is sometimes difficult when one is not feeling 100%. The pressure of making a painting a day is a real force, which gives energy to one’s work.


Along with this amount of work I have been busy promoting my work through the local press and on the BBC also. I was looking for sponsorship, as the amount of money that has been spent on trips and equipment, far exceeds what is coming in, but this will settle down somewhat, as it is always like this in the first year.


I have booked my hotel room and train for the opening of the Cork Street Exhibition Private View on 3rd August. I’m really nervous about this, as I haven’t even been to London for 10 years, so it’s a real adventure. This event though will give me an opportunity to meet other artists and, hopefully, agents also.


I will write more after the event, and tell you how it went.


The other major events I have to look forward to are:


·      Art Wave – Lewes Arts Festival – Opens 26th August, with me giving a talk about my work on the following day, to the Oyster Group

·      New York Digital Art Expo – October 2-3rd. This is very exciting, but I still need to raise money for this, as I have to cover the costs of a personal assistant whilst I’m there.

·      Art House/Art Walk – Exhibition and residency at the end of November in Wakefield