Jason Wilsher-Mills


About the Artist

My work details my life as a disabled person, through theatrical self-portraits, made on a daily basis, which reflect aspects of my personality, memory & my illness & my disability; using an ipad & oil paint to create original paintings.

National Centre for Craft & Design Exhibition & 'What if...' iPad Art Workshops

June 1, 2012


I recently started my Arts Council England funded National Centre for Craft & Design (NCCD) ‘What if…’ iPad Workshops, which means that I have been able to purchase 30 iPads + lots of other amazing IT equipment, which I take into schools and deliver iPad art sessions.


The sessions introduce the participants to the new media, through making art about their aspirations, about what they want to be, what would like to be, etc.


This makes for amazing sessions and wonderful artwork.


As well as delivering 50 free sessions I am also linking the work to the exhibition at the National Centre for Craft & Design, which opens on 27th July 2012.


I feel very lucky and honoured to be working on such a prestigious project.


Please follow link to the Facebook fan page for the project. https://www.facebook.com/JasonWilsherMillsNccdIPadCommunityArt


Shape Arts Open Exhibition - Portobello Gallery

April 5, 2012
I just found out today that my work has been chosen to be shown in the Shape Arts Open Exhibition, at the Portobello Gallery in London. See link http://www.shapearts.org.uk/artandexhibitions/exhibitions/current-exhibitions/shape-open.aspx

It's an incredible opportunity for me, and I am very excited. 

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Success with Arts Council Bid!

March 8, 2012
Today I found out that my bid with the arts council for funding with the National Centre for Craft & Design Exhibition & community iPad workshops, got the go ahead!

This means I can now purchase 30 x iPads, along with lots of other wonderful gizmos, that will enable me to provide iPad workshops to schools and colleges in Lincolnshire.

The funding will also cover the cost of getting my working framed and mounted for the exhibition, along with the costs of a multitude of equipment & one day a wee...
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Me, Alan, Gale, Mick & Gary at the Art House Opening Nov '11

January 19, 2012

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Please show your support for my artist in residency bid

January 19, 2012

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Autumn Winter 2011-12

January 16, 2012

Cork Street Gallery Open Exhibition 2011


On Wednesday 3rd August 2011 I attended the Cork Street Gallery Open Exhibition 2011, at which I had been very fortunate and privileged to have one piece shown. What made the experience so memorable and special, was the fact that Cork Street was the place that I visited as an art student over 20 years ago, and dreamed of having my work there. It was the place where one aspired to show their work, if you were a painter or sculptor.


A Painting a Day & Other Events


This is a week late, but better late than never.


I have had a mad few weeks and days of creativity, and in particular the last week has been challenging as I attempted to do a painting a day. It was meant to try to free up my style and to also try and cope with not feeling all that great.


I’ve had a blinding headache for several days now, but through creating the paintings in such a speedy way, I have been able to channel all of this into the wo...

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Cork Street Gallery Open Exhibition 2011

July 1, 2011

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