Jason Wilsher-Mills


About the Artist

My work details my life as a disabled person, through theatrical self-portraits, made on a daily basis, which reflect aspects of my personality, memory & my illness & my disability; using an ipad & oil paint to create original paintings.

New Commission for the British Council

March 22, 2016
New Commission for the British Council
After my residency for Qatar, I was commissioned by the British Council to create an artwork that represented my unique experience of completing a lot of my residency away from the location due to problems with my health. Here is the result.

Part of the image depicts me wearing my sleeping breathing apparatus which I took with me during my trip to Qatar when I eventually managed to travel there.


2015 Qatar residency - The Museum of Islamic Art

March 22, 2016
See the BBC interview with me about the project here



See the BBC interview with me about the project here
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2015 Banner Exhibition UK Parliament

January 21, 2015


I have just returned from London, after having the most amazing time. I was chosen to create 2 pieces of art, along with 8 other artists, on the major points in the countries history, since the introduction of Magna Carta, 750 years ago. The 2 themes I was given were the 1834 Tolpuddle Martyrs and the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act. 


You can watch interviews with me here about each of the banners:

1834 Tolpuddle Martyrs Banner Interview

1995 Disability Discrimination Act Interview

It was a ...

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Sleaford Remembers WW1 Digital Arts Project

November 23, 2014

Sleaford Remembers WW1 - Digital Arts Project

I commenced the Sleaford Remembers WW1 Digital Arts project in September 2014, working with four schools in Sleaford:

 Sleaford Church Lane 
Kirkby La Thorpe
Leasingham St Andrews

Working in conjunction with Rhubarb Theatre, Mini Morris, The Collaborators, Arts NK & the National Centre for Craft & Design.


I worked with ALL children in the four schools, from reception to Year 6, so effectively worked with nearly 1000 ch...

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Wakefield Trinity Mural is Unveiled!

July 12, 2014

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Community Trust Artist in Residence.


In 2012 I started the one-year role of artist in residence with Wakefield Trinity Wildcats Community Trust. Over the course of the year I worked with 3000 children to create images for a mural, using iPads.


The idea was the show the story of the club through the eyes of children, so I got the children to create self-portraits, which I would then create a crowd, which would look down on the greatest moment...

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Not too Shoddy Digital Installation Video

March 21, 2014

To see the video for the NOT TOO SHODDY project - click HERE
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Not too Shoddy Project

March 21, 2014

Not too Shoddy Digital Arts Project


One of my proudest moments as a full time artist was my recent residency with Education Ossett Community Art Schools. Ossett is my home town, it is the place where I grew up and it is the pace where my love of art was first ignited, so it was wonderful when the head teacher at Towngate, Naoimh Sampson, approached me to work with them. I had initially worked at Towngate as part of my residency with Wakefield Wildcats Community Trust.


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Update on Munich, Baltic

September 18, 2013

Since I last updated my blog it’s been a most hectic and frantic time, with me completing the 60-metre mural with Wakefield Wildcats Community Trust – Artist in Residence Project and working with Northumbria University, Culture Lab, on a digital original project, which will be launched via crowd funding. I will give more information about this nearer the time of the launch.


As well as working on the crowd-funding project with Culture lab, they also took me to Munich, ...

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Wakefield Wildcats Community Trust - Artist in Residency Project

January 27, 2013
It's now been over 4 months since I first started the residency, in September 2012, which saw me working primarily with schools, in Wakefield & Barnsley, gathering evidence for the mural. It has been an amazing experience working with these wonderful & talented children.

The children, all 1500 of them, have been charged with making self-portraits and other images, which will form the 60 metre mural.

The self-portraits will form a crowd, over 20 panels, which will stretch the length of the East ...
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Wakefield Wildcats Community Trust - Artist in Residence

September 30, 2012

Wakefield Wildcats Community Trust – Artist in Residence Project


It has now been my first month in post as Artist in Residence for the club, and it has been incredible, with me meeting some iconic and legendary names from the clubs history, including. Malcolm Sampson & Neil Fox. Representing the most recent players has been Semi Tadulala, with David Solomona phoning me for a sitting and Jason Demetiou on the list also.


In the second week I started work on the mural ...

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