Cork Street Gallery Open Exhibition 2011


On Wednesday 3rd August 2011 I attended the Cork Street Gallery Open Exhibition 2011, at which I had been very fortunate and privileged to have one piece shown. What made the experience so memorable and special, was the fact that Cork Street was the place that I visited as an art student over 20 years ago, and dreamed of having my work there. It was the place where one aspired to show their work, if you were a painter or sculptor.


photo-32.jpgSo over 20 years later, there I was pushing myself down Cork Street, totally nervous, and overawed at the fact that my work was on show there.


The whole event was somehow unreal because of the history and emotion of just being there. I sat there and soaked in the atmosphere and enjoyed it enormously, although the nerves leading up to it were comparable with how I felt as a kid as I queued to go on the big dipper, or the waltzer.


It felt so strange and alien to be back in the art world, but as someone so rightly observed on the night, ’ isn’t he happy?’


The night started with me being stressed about going up a ramp, up six or seven steps, to get into one part of the gallery. As this was my time in the spotlight, I decided that I should be assertive and decline the offer to be pushed up. I just don’t like ramps, particularly if they are as steep as this one. Anyway I went into the lower gallery, and was helped up the one step by the security guy on the door.


And there I was on Cork Street.


The actual opening itself went very quickly, and I was able to meet some amazing people and even get my picture taken with the lady who had organised the exhibition.


The big pressure afterwards, when the dust had settled etc, was ‘will I sell anything?’ It’s a strange relationship this, between art and commerce, but there is certainly a pressure placed on us, on me, that if I don’t sell anything, then I’m not a proper success. This is crazy: Just getting to Cork Street, in the 8 months I have been painting (after my 15 year hiatus) is an incredible feat.


Some people say it’s wrong to dream, that things must be clearly planned, organised, and to a certain extent I agree, but I also feel very strongly that the way that I have been successful in the past 8 months, is through following my dreams. It’s the thing that keeps me going.


At the end of the month I’ve got some work at The Hive, in Lewes, as part of the Art Wave event. As well as exhibiting work I will also be giving a talk on Saturday 27th August 2011 at The Hive. The opening for this exhibition is Friday 26th August.


On 22nd August my funding bid goes ‘live’ with  I’ve made a pitch video which will be on this website on the 22nd, and I am looking for sponsorship/investment so that I can attend the Mobile Con 2011 event in New York in October, as well as investing in my software and IT equipment, so I can take my work to the next level.


I have already received promises of funding from some wonderful friends.