Well I've now been online with my new website for a week now. It's incredibly exciting and I feel very fortunate to be able to share my work with an international audience.

I wanted to share with you why I chose an ipad as my 'tool' to make art with. 

I purchased an ipad 32gb several days after Christmas, after much soul searching and research into what would be the best way to start making art again. I had not really thought much about creating images, since my last exhibition in the 1990’s, when I was making paintings using oil on board.


I had subsequently stopped my artistic life when I had a family and went down the route of gainful employment, but throughout all this time I felt that there was something missing, something which I needed to be doing.


One spends several years training to be an artist, and then real life takes over, but you never lose that spark, that thing which makes you appreciate good art, the thing that makes you want to make art in the first place. For years I tried to ignore it, but felt that there was something really missing in my life. Sometimes the soul has to be fed!


Just before Christmas I received an email from a friend who is now a successful artist. He had just exhibited some of his work at a gallery in Manhattan, and yes I felt a pang of jealousy, and felt very strongly that I was missing out on something. He asked me if I was making art again – to which I responded rather lamely that I wasn’t, which he quite rightly lambasted me for.


I had become disabled since my last exhibition in the 1990’s and felt restricted in what I could do. My artist friend said that he had met a guy in New York who could only use one finger on his hand and he had made art by using this one finger on an ipad.


I could see that there were possibilities for me new art, using new technology and started to research the best prices for the ipad, and the best apps for making art with. It seemed that Sketchbook Pro was great for sketching, and had a wide range of commands, but the final resolution may not be so great.


My images reflect the issues relating to my disability, and the illness, which took my mobility away, in a way, which I hope is sometimes humorous and most importantly what I call ‘good art’. I paint because I want to give life to those ideas in my head, and with the ipad I have been able to do this.


Making art on an ipad, using Sketchbook, has given me a great deal of freedom and enabled me to once again produce complex images.