It's been just over three weeks now and I feel so happy with the overall result of the website. I have also started a Twitter account, under the username @JASONWILSHERMIL, so please feel free to follow me there.

I've been very busy this week applying for a residency at the Art House in Wakefield. This is for a week in late September, which would involve workshops, an exhibition, plus the opportunity to use their studio facilities which are really well 'kitted' out with printing presses etc. It's really exciting.

It's even more exciting, given the fact that the Mobile Con event is also being held in New York for which I am presently writing funding bids. I've applied to the Arts Council, and to an organisation that helps wheelchair users 'get out and about' - so I obviously fit the bill, as I am very much getting out and about, but going to New York.

I'm also writing a bit for a personal assistant, as I don't fancy my chances of arriving at any venue safely if I'm on my own. Funnily enough I've had lots of offers from family and friends already.
In August I am having some work in an exhibition down in Lewes. This is a particularly exciting one, as it's being put together by an old friend, Mark Greco, so it will also be an opportunity to catch up with him.

I'm still waiting to hear from the the hub - the national museum for design and crafts. The curator said I would hear by the end of June, so there is plenty of time left. I see this as being my BIG break, as it will give me the opportunity to get the national press involved, and get my work out to a much wider audience.

In terms of my work, I am still on somewhat of a roll, which is fantastic. I love the freedom that the ipad gives me in that I can get ideas down very quickly. I still miss the 'craft' of painting, but I am now totally addicted to making art using an ipad, and indeed feel very loyal to it.

It's really opened up my life and enabled me the chance to really express myself.