Jason Wilsher-Mills


About the Artist - Jason Wilsher-Mills  

I was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 1969.

I am a disabled digital artist who is now based in the East Midlands, using iPads to create paintings which detail my disability, childhood memories, popular culture, social history/heritage, creating new biographical narratives, through theatrical artifice & humour.

I initially painted traditionally, with oils, but since becoming disabled find the iPad screen more manageable, affording me the opportunity to create large pieces of artwork, through high-resolution files, modern Giclée printing methods & projection methods. 

Although I use an iPad to create art, I still perceive that the work I make, follows in the tradition of easel painting. I use the IPad as it affords me the opportunity to create art, because the nature of my disability means that sometimes I am bedbound and because of its portability I can continue working. It has also given me the opportunity to work collaboratively, due to its connectivity and accessibility.

My work demonstrates my fascination with memory, particularly from childhood, through the use of imagery from popular culture, which reflects a particular time in my life. The work features family photos, Dr Who, rugby league players, pop/film stars, industrial/social heritage etc.. All of which I interact with to create a new and revised biography for myself, which in some ways ‘remedies’ the years I spent in hospital as a child in Yorkshire.

The primary themes of the work include disability and illness, which has played such an important part of my life as a disabled person. Through the creative process I attempt to find ways to describe my daily experience.

In parallel to my own artistic practice I conduct public art commissions and residencies. In 2015 I was commissioned by the House of Parliament to create 2 pieces of work. Through the residency I was able to learn new skills, based around research, as I was given full access to the Parliamentary records, which informed the 2 banners I created based on the themes of ‘The Tolpuddle Martyrs’ and the Disability Discrimination Act.

I have also worked on art & new technology research projects with Northumberland University Culture Lab.

These research skills have subsequently influenced my own practice and I have subsequently had this recognised through being appointed as Heritage Hub Member for Screen South/Accentuate at British Film Institute. The role will see me advising disability heritage activities through the UK in 2016.

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